This year, Jackie Watson, The French Reporter attended the 26th Annual Movie Guide Awards, which celebrates faith-based movies and TV shows. We were so excited to attend our favorite event, on the red carpet, in the action, and speaking with actors, producers, and writers of this seasons hit movie and TV series. The Gala was held at the Universal Hilton Hotel in Universal City, CA; where, she spoke and asked the celebrities on the red carpet questions about how they inspire their audiences with messages of faith, hope, and forgiveness.
“To not have faith bases movies, is to not live in reality. That’s the truth.” – Terry Crews
The Movie Guide Awards shines the light on movies and TV shows that promote positive and faith-based messages. That is what the evening was all about. Buster Akrey spoke with us about the message behind why faith is so important. He said, “faith supports the culture that we can all flourish in.” Sam Sorbo and James Ganiere spoke of the “values in film;” and, the importance of morals and values. Ganiere said, “sometimes these get overlooked, especially in the changing world we have today.”
We were delighted to have had the opportunity to speak with CEO of Pure Flix, David A. R. White, also the producer of the new movie Samson, being released February 16th. Lead actor Taylor James, told us that the movie includes “lasting messages.” The movie “lifted [his] faith in humanity. It includes drama, action, and emotion.” “It has something for everyone!” Caitlin Leahy explained to us who plays Delilah in the film.
“If we don’t have forgiveness, we don’t have hope.”- Craig Campbell
The evening was full of love, energy, positivity, and passion. The presence of God was there and this is why we support this event. We had a wonderful time celebrating the importance of the 2018 Movie Guide Awards. It was all about faith, family, and the messages that are so important for our world today. Like Carlos Moreno Jr. said: “faith is the foundation of us.” Until next year!

Article written by Sarah Koplowitz.

26th Annual Movie Guide Awards

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